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Our selection of 29 textile and paper products feature your local map or custom artwork.


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So we have sold all but 4 of the original shipment of 48 - I need to reorder 36 each of the Split Rock Lighthouse Custom design and 36 of the Lake Superior Map design. Total 72 more masks please. I am totally blown away but how fast they sold! Thanks.

Two Harbors, MN Gloria

Hello! We received everything you guys sent, it is all amazing. Looks better than I remembered! Since I have put them on display I have already sold at least half of them, and they have only been displayed on a rack for about 6 business hours. It was ridiculous, actually.

Good Times Great Lakes, FISH CREEK, WI Riley

I just opened the box and omg these masks are so GOOD!!! I could cry, it feels like 2020 has just been one kick in the pants after the other but for these to come in so quickly and look so good, it feels like a win! Please tell your whole team that we are so impressed! I'll be sure to send you pics of our staff/visitors rocking them in front of the works.

Museum of Fine Art, Oklahoma City. OK Lesha Fred Jones Jr.

Customization and speed are two great qualities about Maritime - I just tell them what I want and it’s a one stop shop - from conception to completion they can handle it all, beautifully packaged.

Block Island Trading Company, Block Island, RI Jon


Your town is the star of the show

The hero, the raison d’être – the very center of the universe! – that’s how we feel about your town, the best place on earth – and we hope you agree. The packaging certainly does!

Custom branded packaging is also available

The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. featuring blankets by Alma Thomas Breeze Rustling Through Fall Flowers, 1968, and Edgar Degas, Dancers at the Barre, c. 1900

Museum Store

Your brand, your mission, and your margins

Museum Stores Buyers have a unique challenge. Your product must:

  1. support the brand of the museum
  2. support and reinforce the museum’s mission
  3. make a profit to contribute to the museum’s operating account

That’s a tall order, and a lot of pressure on you to nail it every time. We get it. But don’t worry, we’re here to help; a lot.

We are experts at bringing your collection to gorgeous textile products that sells with great margins. And your museum’s brand promotion? Let’s talk about the packaging that will have your logo, your artists and your mission all over it. All this at great wholesale prices allowing you to keep dollars in the building.

Intrigued? Call today for an overview of what we can do for your museum store.

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