Our ‘About Us’ is really a story about place.


Trip Wolfskehl, founder of Maritime Tribes, fell in love with Newport at 18 years old. (it’s not that hard to do.) He promptly left and got busy sailing the high seas, but promised to come back and make a lasting contribution to the town that captivated him at a young age.

In 2016 it was finally time to find a world headquarters for the fledgling business - there would be no better place than Newport. He found a semi-abandoned building with production and office space right in town. It was in tough shape but the c. 1890 building had good bones, and you know, you get what you pay for, and he didn’t pay much.

Fulfilling the promise made at 18 – to make a lasting contribution to the fabric of Newport – had never left his mind. However, it has expanded (a bit) to encompass not just Newport but all the cities and towns we touch through our local retailers.

The ‘lasting contribution’ also means continuing the tradition of manufacturing beautiful objects here, but also to treat all stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors) with the love modeled by Jesus Christ. A high bar indeed.

Newport has a long and distinguished history, but the most exciting thing about the ‘City-by-the-Sea’ is the future, and our part in it. We hope you too are in love with your place, wherever that may be, and we look forward to making products to celebrate it.